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Advantage PowerPCO™ Whole House Photocatalytic PCO Air Purifier for HVAC


Ultravation® Advantage PowerPCO™

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Silently and effectively removes odors, toxic fumes, VOCs, pathogens and allergens from indoor air!


  • Installs in HVAC ductwork for whole house air improvement.
  • 2-year UV lamp life
  • Thermally optimized quartz glass encased UV lamp produces 40% more UV intensity.
  • True Lifetime Warranty for UV lamp module
  • 1-piece UV lamp and power module assures trouble-free operation.
  • Patented PCO titanium dioxide formulation
  • PCO formula is infused into activated carbon, and coated on air flow panels to maximize effectiveness.
  • Self-cleaning! Oxidation process continually renews carbon blocks preventing saturation.
  • No by-products emitted and no ozone


Bring better, fresher and healthier air throughout your home!


Advantage PowerPCO™ purifies the air beyond filtration! It works at the molecular level utilizing activated carbon, photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), and UV light to remove odors, kill millions of airborne bacteria and viruses, and remove allergens including microscopic mold (spores). The air purifier installs in your HVAC system for quiet, unobtrusive, whole house effectiveness. Advantage PowerPCO™ adds nothing to the air, such as perfumes, or ozone.

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