Silently and effectively removes odors, toxic fumes, VOCs, pathogens and allergens from indoor air!

  • Installs in HVAC ductwork for whole house air improvement.
  • 2-year UV lamp life
  • Thermally optimized quartz glass encased UV lamp produces 40% more UV intensity.
  • True Lifetime Warranty for UV lamp module
  • 1-piece UV lamp and power module assures trouble-free operation.
  • Patented PCO titanium dioxide formulation
  • PCO formula is infused into activated carbon, and coated on air flow panels to maximize effectiveness.
  • Self-cleaning! Oxidation process continually renews carbon blocks preventing saturation.
  • No by-products emitted and no ozone

About Advantage PowerPCO

1. The purification module inserts into HVAC ductwork so that the purified air reaches every room.

2. Advantage PowerPCO’s activated carbon blocks are infused with a proprietary (patented) titanium dioxide (PCO) formulation that excels at pollutant capture and oxidation.

3. One-piece 2-year UV lamp / power supply with galvanized steel mounting plate.

4. Aluminum panels direct the air flow and like the carbon panels, are coated with the PCO formulation, enhancing oxidation / disinfection power.

5. Beyond typical UV lights, Advantage PowerPCO’s thermally optimized T3™ UV lamp generates 40% more germicidal intensity and powers the PCO oxidation process.