Prevent HVAC bio-growth and reduce airborne bacteria, viruses and allergens!

HVAC systems add great comfort to a home, but they are also a breeding ground for microbes. The moisture inside HVAC equipment catches particulates and microorganisms causing bio-contamination to grow on wet interior surfaces. Bio-growth on cooling coils, even a thin coating, acts as an insulator which causes the HVAC system to run longer to cool air-conditioned rooms, reducing cooling efficiency and increasing HVAC wear and tear from added hours the system needs to run to maintain temperature. The bio-growth on interior surfaces can release millions of airborne allergens into the airstream, distributing them throughout your home which can aggravate allergies and respiratory problems.

UltraMAX EZUV, using the power of germicidal UV light kills microorganisms on coils, surfaces and in the HVAC airstream—including bio-growth, flu viruses and bacteria—optimizing HVAC efficiency and creating healthier indoor air without the use of harmful chemicals! UV-C light is a well-proven, non-chemical disinfectant that creates no by-products or residuals and is the only air disinfection technology recognized as effective by ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers).

UV-C Surface Disinfection: Keeps HVAC interiors clean and saves energy!

UltraMAX EZUV™ stops bio-growth including fungus and bacteria laden sludge that clogs HVAC coil, drain pan and drain line. This reduces or eliminates HVAC-generated allergens from being released into the HVAC airstream. Clean coil surfaces cool the air much more quickly so the HVAC system runs fewer hours, reducing energy consumption.

Airstream Disinfection

Bacteria, viruses and other airborne biologicals are drawn into HVAC circulation and most pass through air filters, only to be distributed to other areas in the home. UltraMAX EZUV exposes harmful microorganisms in the HVAC airstream to a dose of lethal UV-C light (see illustrations at the right).

Environmentally Friendly

An UltraMAX™ EZUV™ UV light system is an economical (can even save money) yet effective and environmentally sensible way to automatically and consistently clean your HVAC surfaces and airstream of unwanted germs, allergens and odors.

  • Install in new HVAC systems to keep them running like new.
  • Install in problematic HVAC systems to reduce biological contamination without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Produces no by-products and generates no ozone.
  • Reduces electricity costs! With UltraMAX EZUV your HVAC system operates at peak efficiency 24/7.