UltraMAX Gold™ UV-C lights kill bacteria, viruses and other bio-growth on HVAC interior surfaces and in the airstream!

According to the EPA, the level of air contamination inside a typical home can be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor air, and sometimes more than 100 times higher. UV-C light is the only air disinfection technology recognized as effective by ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers).

Surface disinfection optimizes HVAC efficiency because bio-growth on cooling coils, even a thin coating, acts as an insulator. This reduces the cooling efficiency causing the HVAC system to run extra time to cool air conditioned rooms.

UltraMAX™ Gold UV lights reduce or eliminate harmful bio-growth—in a fraction of a second!

Healthier air for the whole house

Surface disinfection

Using UV-C light to disinfect HVAC interiors improves indoor air quality by preventing HVAC generated airborne allergens and microorganisms resulting from biological infestation on interior HVAC surfaces. Bio-growth occurs particularly on the coil — but also blower, drain pan and other components.

Airstream Disinfection

Bacteria, viruses and other airborne biologicals are drawn into HVAC circulation and most pass through typical filters. An UltraMAX Gold UV light not only prevents HVAC infestation it will destroy harmful microorganisms in the airstream as they pass through the UV light (see illustrations at the right).

Minimizing HVAC energy consumption, protecting your HVAC investment

UltraMAX UV lights keep HVAC coil and other internal parts clean and in like new condition, protecting your HVAC investment and extending the life of the HVAC internal components.

A biogrowth-free HVAC cooling coil operates at top efficiency, and will cool the air more quickly. This translates into significant energy savings, because operating hours are reduced. So is HVAC operating hours. The reduced sort of operating the HVAC system will far exceed the cost of running the UV lights.

More for less with UltraMAX Gold™! 40% more UV intensity without increased energy consumption

Ultravation’s patented T3 UV lamp design optimizes UV output of the lamp through thermal stabilization. T3™ design increases intensity by 40% no extra power needed. Available in 18,000 hr and 27,000 hr lifespans.

UltraMAX Gold Extreme T3


Is UltraMAX Gold™ GREEN?

Yes it is! All of these features contribute to the environmental sensibility of UltraMAX Gold Extreme

  • Keeps HVAC systems clean without traditional chemical cleanings.
  • HVAC energy use is optimized by maintaining efficiency with consistently clean coils.
  • Produces no by-products— and no ozone.
  • UV intensity is optimized without using additional power.
  • UV lamps last twice (or 3-times depending on which lamp you choose) as long as “regular” uv lamps.

    Typical Installation Locations

    installation locations


    Available and installed by HVAC professionals

    Ultravation Authorized ContractorsUltraMAX Gold Extreme™ is a comprehensive system that will offer best performance when installed by an indoor air quality expert, who can help you evaluate your home's IAQ needs, your particular HVAC system, find the best location for the equipment and adjust it for peak performance. Contact your favorite HVAC contractor or if you need to find a contractor - click here