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Ultravation Awarded Patent for Innovation in HVAC Coil Cleaning System

UV Matrix SI Series

Ultravation has been awarded a patent for their UVMatrix SI-Series commercial germicidal UV light system for large air handlers. This innovative UV coil cleaning system streamlines installation and optimizes fit and effectiveness for both new and retro installs with its expandable design. After sizing to determine how many lamps are required for a particular air handler, the SI-Series unit is shipped, ready to install without the need to fabricate any additional framework or supply additional mounting hardware. The UVMatrix SI-Series is available in stainless or galvanized steel, and all electrical connections and components are water tight to ensure that system will withstand the wet environment of an HVAC system.

The SI-Series uses UVC light to disinfect and eliminate mold from the HVAC coils, which improves the quality of the indoor air, and keeps the HVAC coil consistently clean, which saves significant energy.  In fact, when considering the energy and maintenance cost reductions, the return on investment is very short.

Adding a UVMatrix SI-Series system to an existing HVAC system, it does two jobs for the price of one: maintain consistently clean, energy efficient cooling coils that reduce operation costs and disinfecting the air already circulating through the building for a healthier more productive indoor environment.

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