UVPhotoMAX advanced technology indoor air quality improvement

The UVPhotoMAX utilizes the Ultravation® ReFresh™ advanced oxidation photocatalytic reactor process to improve indoor air quality. It breaks down hundreds of VOC organic odors—from pets, foods, cooking, trash and garbage, paint, carpet, cleaning agents, plus musty damp smells from mold and mildew into harmless components.

UVPhotoMAX is also a Germicidal UVC light air treatment system that kills bacteria and viruses and reduces mold

The UVPhotoMAX™ air purifier uses UV light to kill millions of airborne bacteria and viruses (including the flu). UV is a well-known disinfectant, used since the 1930s in hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacy and food industries as well as water treatment. It simply inactivates microscopic organisms, rendering them harmless. It leaves no by-products and uses no chemicals. UV is a component of sunlight—natures way of controlling airborne microorganisms.

Two-band UV lamp excels at purifying the air

The advanced oxidation process is powered by our exclusively designed two-band UV lamp and controlled by our patented*** Photon Clarifier™ an Ultravation exclusive! The exact amount of treatment is adjustable based on living space, temperature, humidity, and other factors..

Compact size — just 12" x 9" x 3" — the UVP-3000 mounts on a wall or any flat surface

This self-contained germicidal and odor reduction air purification system is compact allowing you to move the UVP-3000 from room to room.

  • Use in homes, offices, rest rooms, basements, kitchens
  • Commercial grade stainless steel construction
  • Very low power consumption—about the same as a small fluorescent light
  • Twin air filters remove dust, hair and other airborne debris
  • 110VAC operation - plugs into standard household outlet
  • UV lamp lasts one full year
  • Adjustable two-band UV lamp optimizes effectiveness
  • Wall mounting brackets included