Ultravation Indoor Air Quality
Owners Manuals

UVPhotoMAX and UVPhotoMAX Signature Series
UltraMAX EZUV / EZUV Signature Series
Photronic Air Purification
ProgressiveMedia / Media Air Cleaners
M-Series for Mini-splits
Older and Discontinued Models


UVC-Advantage™ - HVAC Air and Surface Sanitizer

UVCatalyst™ - TiO2 Infused Carbon PCO Air Purifier

UVPhotoMAX™ and UVPhotoMAX™ Signature Series - UVC Germicidal and Odor Reduction

Photronic™ - Air Purification

UltraMAX™ EZUV™ / EZUV™ Signature Series - UV Germicidal Air and Surface Treatment

UltraMAX™ UV - Whole House Germicidal UV Air and Surface Disinfection

ProgressiveMedia™ / Ultravation® Media Air Cleaners

M-Series for Mini split A/C systems

Older and Discontinued Models