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High quality, healthier, reduced allergen air for your entire home is easy and reliable with Ultravation® Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products! They are specifically designed to work with your central heating and air conditioning to provide house-wide reduction of airborne pollutants such as mold, bacteria, allergens and odors. Ultravation® Photronic™ is a comprehensive system that kills bacteria and viruses, traps dust, dirt and allergens and removes odors! UltraMAX™ Germicidal UV lights stop airborne and surface mold, bacteria and allergens through the natural power of ultraviolet (UVC) light. The UltraMAX™ EZUV is the most economical and versatile UV light available. Our ProgressiveMedia Filtration™ equipment captures 99% of allergens and particles 5 microns and larger. UVPhotoMAX™ is unprecedented in its germicidal and odor treatment power. We have a solution for any IAQ need and we recommend installation by HVAC professionals. Browse our website and explore the benefits of Ultravation IAQ products! Then click here to find Ultravation Authorized Contractor near you!

Ultravation® products help you make your home more energy efficient and "green" by making heating and air conditioning products run more efficiently, saving energy and money.

UVPhotoMAX™ Air Treatment

Designed specifically for advanced disinfection and deodorizing of your home’s air. Custom adjustable for maximizing effectiveness in your home. Advanced oxidation process, ductwork installation. Learn more

Photronic™ Air Purification

Whole house central air purifier system. Combines Ultravation® technologies to address the major air contamination sources: allergens, bacteria and viruses, dust and dirt, smog, hydrocarbons and hundreds of household odors. Learn more


UltraMAX™ UV Lights

Stop mold and bio growth on HVAC coils and surfaces. Kills millions of bacteria, viruses and get allergy relief! Healthier air for your whole house. Learn more


UltraMAX UV quality in a compact, economical form. Stops mold allergen from growing on HVAC coil, and kills germs the airstream circulating through the HVAC system. EZ to optimize UV lamp placement and install. Learn more

ProgressiveMedia™ Air Filtration

Capture dust, dirt and allergens—99% of particles 5 microns and larger circulating through your home! Effective, long life, hypoallergenic. Standard and space saving models fit all HVAC systems. Learn more

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