PCO Technology

Odors and germs accumulate from everyday living. In today's tighter homes, these organics including allergens become suspended in the air in greater concentrations. PCO air purifiers address this indoor air quality (IAQ) problem.

Saves Energy

Ultravation® products help you make your home more energy efficient and "green" by making heating and air conditioning products run more efficiently, saving energy and money.


UV Light Technology

Microscopic mold and other microbial contamination colonize in the moisture on HVAC interior surfaces, reducing energy efficiency and can be a major source of household allergens. UltraMAX™ UV lights stop microbial contamination.


PCO and UV Upgrade Kits

Add an Ultravation® EZLight 6P™ for surface disinfection (or additional surface disinfection) to any PCO system. Or add the EZCatalys™t PCO upgrade to your existing UV system.


ProgressiveMedia™ Air Filtration

High efficiency filtration is essential for indoor air low in allergens and fine dust. ProgressiveMedia whole house filtration efficiently removes particulates and has very high dirt holding capacity. Keeps your HVAC system clean and efficient too!

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