Capture and remove odors, VOCs, and airborne bacteria and viruses

SS-UVCatalyst™ uses activated carbon plus the natural power of UV light and a photocatalyst to disinfect circulating HVAC air while capturing and breaking down molecules of toxic VOCs, common household odors, and organic pathogens / allergens without adding perfume or ozone. Its three panels have 3X the activated carbon cells to provide unmatched air purifying power for whole house effectiveness, and it installs.

The SS-UVCatalyst™ is a captive PCO air purifier that uses a specially treated activated carbon filter system to clean the air. Each of its three filter blocks are infused with titanium dioxide (TiO2), that when powered by UV light, captures VOC odors and other organics and breaks them down into harmless components and releases them, effectively recharging the activated carbon. This self-cleaning process makes the system almost completely maintenance free. Changing the UV lamp after 18,000 hours (2 years) of operation is all that is required.

The SS-UVCatalyst™ UV lamp emits UVC light that kills airborne germs and reduces HVAC mold

In addition to odor reduction, the SS-UVCatalyst™ air purifier also uses UV light to kill millions of airborne bacteria and viruses (including the flu). UV is a well-known disinfectant, used since the 1930s in hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacy and food industries as well as water treatment. It simply inactivates microscopic organisms, rendering them harmless. It leaves no by-products and uses no chemicals. UV is a component of sunlight—nature's way controlling airborne microorganisms.

The optional EZ-Light™ 6P for HVAC interior surface and coil disinfection increases the disinfection power and your HVAC system’s efficiency.

The SS-UVCatalyst™ is compact and modular

  • Whole house effectiveness
  • Premium 304 Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • Up to 5,000 sq ft
  • Generates no ozone
  • 24 - 240 VAC ESP3 Smart-Power
  • UVLampMonitor
  • Upgradable for addition of UV lamp for coil disinfection
  • Designed for easy installation