Multiple technologies combine for the most powerful and efficient PCO air purifier available for HVAC!

The Ultravation® Synergy Air Purifier is different not only because it is whole house effective, it also clears the air of contamination that is simply out of the reach of even the best filters like odors, VOC, viruses and microscopic particulates.

Synergy is a special combination of technologies that together address the smallest—even molecular—air contamination. It also combines with your HVAC system (where it is installed) to purify the air through your entire conditioned spaces and enhances the whole house filtration that is usually associated with an HVAC system enabling it to capture particles that would normally be left untouched and free to accumulate in your home.

Synergy breaks down the common household odors that occur from kitchens to laundry rooms—even bathroom and swimming pool odors. Its ions and photocatalytic purification kills bacteria and viruses circulating in the air and on surfaces.

Microscopic pollution is gathered into larger filterable groups through ionization for unprecedented removal of minute airborne irritants.

The result is purified air that is freshened in the same way a summer storm leaves the air smelling fresh and clean.

synergy process


carbon capture technology

Synergy’s Organic Deep Bed Carbon Capture Photocatalytic Panels

Synergy is designed to maximize effectiveness in purification for nearly any size home or office. To accomplish this Ultravation started with natural carbon panels, that offer unprecedented pollution-capture surface area not only because the carbon cells have more depth, Ultravation designed a three-panel system —more than any other purifier in its class—that expands or opens inside the air duct. In addition, the carbon is infused with a proprietary and patented formulation of Peroxo-Antanse Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) that includes silver and zinc ions, noted for their germicidal properties.


The PCO process cleans the air and the carbon panels, continuously restoring and renewing the activated carbon.


UVLED technology

UVLED Technology

Highly energy efficient UVLEDs emit high frequency UV light that energizes the PCO formulation to aggressively extract electrons from the complex contaminate molecules, destroying their structure.

Synergy uses just 23 watts of energy which makes it effective for homes or buildings up to 5000 square feet.

Unified Purification Module

Synergy’ one-piece purification module contains both the UVLEDs and Ionization system for simplicity of design and maintenance. The only service required is the replacement of the unified UVLED and ionizer module once every 4 years making Synergy nearly completely maintenance free. In fact, even replacing the module requires no tools!


ionization technology

Ionization Technology

Synergy's eight high performance plasma/ion emitters pass friendly positive and negative ions through the carbon cells and into HVAC airstream. As they pass through, the ions destroy germs and allergens in the air and cause suspended particulates to stick together forming groups large enough for capture in filtration. As the groups are carried with the circulating air into the HVAC system, they can now be captured in standard filtration.

Synergy’s friendly mix of ions passing in to circulating not only gather microscopic particulate, they also work to prevent bio-growth in the air and on surfaces.


Available and installed by HVAC professionals

Ultravation® Synergy is a comprehensive system that will offer best performance when installed by an indoor air quality expert, who can help you evaluate your home's IAQ needs, your particular HVAC system, find the best location for the equipment and adjust it for peak performance. Contact your favorite HVAC contractor or if you need to find a contractor - click here