UVP-6000™ odor reduction and germicidal air treatment in a tabletop air purifier

Ultravation UVP-6000™ Photocatalytic tabletop air purifier is not a particulate air filter. It targets odors and airborne microorganisms using activated carbon, UV (ultraviolet light) and photocatalytic oxidation (PCO). Activated carbon modules adsorb the volatile organic compound molecules (VOC) that make up the majority of common odors, as well as smoke molecules and other airborne organics including bacteria, to keep the air cleaner, fresher and healthier to breathe. The process improves the air without additives such as perfumes, or ozone..

Unique self-cleaning activated carbon

While activated carbon is well known for it odor adsorbing properties, eventually it will become saturated. The UVP-6000 air purifier’s titanium dioxide coated carbon modules are automatically cleaned / regenerated by the UV-powered photocatalytic (PCO) process which breaks down the trapped organic molecules into simpler forms—primarily trace amounts of carbon dioxide and water. The carbon does not hold the simpler and harmless molecules, so they are released back into the air and the activated carbon can continue to purify the air.

Tabletop air purifier for any room

Designed for room applications or areas up to 500 sq ft.

  • Office Environments
  • Bathrooms / Restrooms
  • Kitchens / Musty Basements
  • Personal Gyms / Locker rooms
  • Pet areas / Dorm rooms / Workshops

Compact size — just 9" x 9" x 3" — the UVP-6000 mounts on a counter or desktop.

This self-contained germicidal and odor reduction air purification system is compact allowing you to move the UVP-6000 from room to room.

  • Commercial grade stainless steel construction
  • Very low power consumption—about the same as a small fluorescent light
  • 110VAC operation - plugs into standard household outlet
  • UV lamp lasts one full year