A revolutionary whole house air treatment system that is effective against all sources of indoor air contamination!

Photronic addresses every critical source of air contamination to dramatically improve indoor air quality with a single, easy to install system. It conditions circulating indoor air to reduce biological and particulate air contamination for an entire household. A Photronic™ integrated air quality system, professionally installed, will outperform even complicated multi-component systems because of its balanced design. And with the remote lamp system, the Photronic also destroys mold and mildew on interior HVAC surfaces for a cleaner running, more efficient HVAC system. Each stage is engineered to compliment the others in a way no "pieced together" system can. And the whole system occupies little more space than most standard HVAC media air cleaners.

UltraMAX Germicidal UV

ReFresh Odor Control

Captures Allergens and Dust