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Ultravation Enhances IAQ for Children at The Goddard School for Early Childhood Development in Ohio

The Goddard School for Early Childhood Development chose the Ultravation Photronic – our multistage total air purification system to disinfect and deodorize the air for their classrooms’ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) improvement. Here is what the owner, Jim Nerpouni had to say about the Photronic system…

“In the six months since the installation of our Ultravation Photronic air purification equipment we are proud to say that we are doing just that: minimizing airborne allergens, bacteria and viruses as well as simply keeping our classrooms cleaner with the reduction of dust that accumulates so readily in active classroom environments.

We have had time to see the results and we are very pleased. We have seen fewer “runny noses”, coughs and sneezes spreading around. The systems are working flawlessly with their filtration constantly cleaning the air and their UV light disinfecting it. Further, the odor reduction is quite noticeable — not that our classrooms smell different, in fact, it is the absence of some of the characteristic building smells that give our school a sense of welcome.”

Ultravation would like to thank Brian Bushnell, Hutton Bushnell & Associates for his assistance in this process, Cleveland Air Comfort for donating their time to install the indoor air quality equipment, and The Goddard School for for Early Childhood Development for selecting Ultravation for their indoor air quality solutions.

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