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Ultravation is Nominated for 2011 Governor’s Award

Voc-Rehab/Vermont (VR) and the Vermont Association of Business, Industries, and Rehabilitation (VABIR) have nominated Ultravation, Inc. for the Governor’s Award in the category of Employment and Accommodations.

VR/BAVIR shares in their nominations submission that: “…Ultravation Inc. has provided excellent employment opportunities and accommodations for several new hires. Some progressive employment activities include informational interviews, job shadows, assessments, and plant tours. Ultravation has provided special worksite accommodations for people who experience mobility impairment or need flexible work schedules due to transportation issues.”

They summarize Ultravation Production Manager, Wayne Snow’s participation in their programs through the following statement. “He demonstrates respect and dignity to all of our clients. He is dedicated and offers his time and commitment to provide great opportunities for our clients for success. Wayne and his company remain a great partner to Creative Workforce Solutions, VR/VABIR, and our clients who have greatly benefited from his participation in these programs.”

Ultravation has been involved with VocRehab Vermont and VABIR for 6 years and is committed to diversity in the workplace and to promoting opportunities for those with disabilities to succeed in the community.

For additional information on how you can become involved with the work of VocRehab Vermont, visit  vocrehab.vermont.gov or call 1-866-VRWORKS. For more information on VABIR, visit vabir.org or call 800-639-2909.

For additional information on any of Ultravation’s indoor air quality products for home and commercial use, visit ultravation.com or call toll free: 1-866-468-8247.

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