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Is Mold Secretly Growing in YOUR Home?

Don't let this happen to your home.

We all agree that having central air conditioning and heating can be a blessing, but it can also carry a bit of a curse. The fact is, your HVAC system could be breeding mold in YOUR home right now! As air circulates through a home, airborne mold, bacteria and viruses are drawn into the HVAC system and accumulate on the cooling coils and in the drain pan. These areas are ideal environments for mold to grow due to the moisture that condenses on surfaces as the air is dehumidified. As air flows through the HVAC system, it not only “drops off” additional spores, it “picks up” millions of mold spores from the infected coil and drain pan and distributes them to every room in the house. Aside from the fact that mold growing anywhere in your home needs to be addressed, having it centrally distributed by your HVAC system raises major concerns about the health of everyone in the household.

Since mold is one of the top ten allergens that affect people, and because most people spend as much as 90% of their time indoors, excessive mold accumulation via HVAC systems has become a serious health consideration. This is exacerbated by the fact that houses are much more air-tight than ever before. The rapid distribution of contaminated air into otherwise uninfected areas of the house results in the inhalation of higher concentrations of mold.  What started as a small issue has now become a  substantial whole-house problem.

Let’s not forget how important it is to be energy efficient. It helps the environment and helps our wallets. When mold blocks the coils of your HVAC system, it takes more and more energy to circulate the air. This results in high energy consumption and a strained HVAC system – both of which can be end up being very expensive.

What solutions are available for controlling mold in your HVAC system? There are chemical treatments you can use to clean the HVAC coils, but they are harsh, damaging to the environment and can be costly. Or, you can go with a natural, safer alternative – UV light. It is well known that sunlight naturally produces UV rays which actually have the affect of disinfecting the outside air. And Ultraviolet light (UVC) has been used for disinfection since the 1930s by hospitals, doctors offices, and food industries as well a water treatment. So what better way to keep your indoor air healthy than by harnessing this natural germicidal effect and putting it to use in your home? By applying UV light directly to the source of the mold problem, you dramatically decrease the mold growth in your HVAC system, providing better indoor air quality — and do so without creating any harmful byproducts. UV technology is at the heart of many Ultravation® IAQ products. Learn more about how UV light provides cleaner, healthier air here.

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