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5 Ways Indoor Air Quality Can Save You Energy and Money

1. By implementing indoor air quality products to help eliminate airborne contaminates, you could save thousands on doctor bills. Indoor air can be contaminated with all kinds of allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and germs that can make you sick. This air then gets recycled though an HVAC system, spreading the infected air throughout a home. Using IAQ products helps lower the chances of illness and even asthma attacks because they clean air as it flows through a device, helping remove the harmful materials and making the air safer to breathe.

2. UV-C light allows your HVAC system to run at top efficiency by keeping the cooling coils free of mold and other bio-growth. The disinfecting power of UV-C light breaks down the DNA of microbes that, when allowed to accumulate, can bog down your HVAC system and make it work harder to process the air in your home. You will use less energy by running a clean HVAC system.

3. UV-C light helps prevent costly repairs and chemical cleanings that cooling coils would otherwise have to regularly undergo, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.

4. Air filters collect dust, and other particle contaminates before they can reach the cooling coils, dramatically reducing the amount of energy needed to run the heating and cooling process in your HVAC system.

5. The amount of energy consumed by the indoor air quality products in a home will likely be significantly less than the amount of energy used in an HVAC system without them. Therefore, IAQ products can easily pay for themselves with the energy savings you would accrue, making IAQ a smart investment.

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