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Are Holiday Food Odors Overstaying Their Welcome?

Food OdorsThe holidays are a great time to gather together and have a good time – especially with delicious foods! But whether you’re baking Christmas cookies or cooking up latkes, sometimes those wonderful smells can overstay their welcome. Do you have trouble eliminating indoor air odors? Consider installing a photocatylitic oxidation (PCO) air purifier in your HVAC air handler.

Remove Stubborn Indoor Air Odors and Pollution

PCO freshens the air in a new way, breaking up indoor air odors and pollution molecules as they pass through the purifier installed in the HVAC system. The whole process works much the same way a catalytic converter processes complex car engine emissions, so there is no adding fragrances or other odor masks that so-called “air fresheners” use. There are no harmful by-products (the PCO process results in common elements found in the air) and is completely safe for your friends and loved ones.

So with PCO, you can send out the invitations and enjoy the party with the confidence that your air will not suffer that after-party “household halitosis”!

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Ultravation receives Vermont Employment / Accommodation Award in Manufacturing

Wayne Snow, Production Manager, Honored

The Employment / Accommodation Award in Manufacturing is presented to an employer operating a manufacturing facility whose employment practices reflect the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This award is presented to Wayne Snow, of Ultravation, Inc.

Ultravation accepts award

Wayne Snow, Ultravation, Inc. with Dr. Susan Wehry, Commissioner of the Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living

Ultravation has had a long standing relationship with the Rutland offices of Vocational Rehabilitation and VABIR and is an excellent community partner with the Creative Worforce Solution initiatives. In the past year Ultravation has employed and accommodated several new hires and has also sponsored progressive employment activities such as informational interviews, job shadows, assessments and plant tours. In his capacity as production manager, Wayne has worked very closely with clients referred by these organizations and through the local school-to-work program, striving to help them gain an accurate understanding of the work world. He has provided skill-building information including appropriate workplace behaviors to students with a wide variety of disabilities including autism, learning differences, and mobility and cognitive impairments. He also promotes the employment of people with disabilities by sharing his experiences with other businesses, doing this in a way that his nominators – Gloria Vitale, David Sagi, and Karen Letourneau of VABIR and VocRehab in Rutland – describe as “always acting in a manner that demonstrates respect and dignity to all their clients. He is dedicated and offers his time and commitment to provide great opportunities for our clients for success.”

Article courtesy of Vermont Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities.

Allergies and You: Is your Christmas tree bringing out holiday sniffles?

Holiday AllergiesAhhh the Christmas season! Full of good food, good cheer and good fun. Unfortunately, it can also bring on sneezing, watery eyes and scratchy throats. For those of us that celebrate Christmas, there is a focal point in nearly every household: the Christmas tree. Some people buy a live tree, others have an artificial one but both can trigger allergic reactions.

Christmas Trees trigger allergic reactions

Live trees can bring microscopic spores of mold inside. Some types of trees, like juniper and cedar, can pollinate in the winter months, causing more sneezing and irritation. Artificial trees and even the decorations you pull out of storage to adorn your home can introduce a new burst of dust and mold depending on how and where they were stored during the year.

So don’t let your holiday spirit be curtailed by your Christmas tree! Keep your filters fresh and change UV lamps when needed! The holiday season is no time to be suffering from allergies. It’s a time to celebrate and enjoy yourself!


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Allergies and You: Combat Winter Allergens

For our readers in the north, even though the pollen has died down and the leaves have fallen off the trees, it doesn’t mean that allergy sufferers are off the hook. There are a variety of indoor winter allergens that can still plague us.

One of the most important things you can do to reduce your winter allergy symptoms is to change your air filter regularly. A dirty air filter will not only recirculate particulate that has already been collected, but it can also create excessive air resistance in the HVAC sustem, which wastes energy. If you are still using the typical 1″ furnace filter, consider a quality 5″ pleated filter for much better results and fewer filter changes. You should also have your ductwork cleaned annually, preferably in the fall. If you don’t have central air conditioning, dust and dirt can infiltrate a homes’ ductwork over the summer. When you turn on your heating for the first time, all that particulate gets kicked up and circulated, triggering allergic reactions.

Other allergen concerns are a little less obvious. Since November and December each have major holidays and most people have decorations that they like to set up. But those decorations – having been stored for a year – can collect dust and even grow mold. Even Christmas trees can cause allergic reactions for some people (more on this topic to come). Family and friends are also a big part of our winter celebrations and – sorry to say – they can be a source of allergens too. Pet dander and other irritants hitching a ride on clothing and shoes when people visit can be a source for allergic reactions.

Quality indoor air contributes to the comfort of a home in all seasons!  And the more allergen-free the better. To learn more about Ultravation’s indoor air quality products, please visit our website.

Happy Holidays!