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Allergies and You: Is your Christmas tree bringing out holiday sniffles?

Holiday AllergiesAhhh the Christmas season! Full of good food, good cheer and good fun. Unfortunately, it can also bring on sneezing, watery eyes and scratchy throats. For those of us that celebrate Christmas, there is a focal point in nearly every household: the Christmas tree. Some people buy a live tree, others have an artificial one but both can trigger allergic reactions.

Christmas Trees trigger allergic reactions

Live trees can bring microscopic spores of mold inside. Some types of trees, like juniper and cedar, can pollinate in the winter months, causing more sneezing and irritation. Artificial trees and even the decorations you pull out of storage to adorn your home can introduce a new burst of dust and mold depending on how and where they were stored during the year.

So don’t let your holiday spirit be curtailed by your Christmas tree! Keep your filters fresh and change UV lamps when needed! The holiday season is no time to be suffering from allergies. It’s a time to celebrate and enjoy yourself!


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