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Are Holiday Food Odors Overstaying Their Welcome?

Food OdorsThe holidays are a great time to gather together and have a good time – especially with delicious foods! But whether you’re baking Christmas cookies or cooking up latkes, sometimes those wonderful smells can overstay their welcome. Do you have trouble eliminating indoor air odors? Consider installing a photocatylitic oxidation (PCO) air purifier in your HVAC air handler.

Remove Stubborn Indoor Air Odors and Pollution

PCO freshens the air in a new way, breaking up indoor air odors and pollution molecules as they pass through the purifier installed in the HVAC system. The whole process works much the same way a catalytic converter processes complex car engine emissions, so there is no adding fragrances or other odor masks that so-called “air fresheners” use. There are no harmful by-products (the PCO process results in common elements found in the air) and is completely safe for your friends and loved ones.

So with PCO, you can send out the invitations and enjoy the party with the confidence that your air will not suffer that after-party “household halitosis”!

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