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How to Ease Asthma Triggers

May is Asthma Awareness Month! And with Asthma on the rise, we would like to emphasize the importance of good indoor air quality and the positive difference it can make for asthma sufferers. Airborne asthma “triggers” that are found indoors such as pollen, dust, pet dander and large mold spores can be difficult to avoid due to the large amount of time we spend indoors. Installing a high quality air cleaner in an HVAC system is a great way to help cut down on these triggers, because it constantly reduces the concentration of particulates as the it circulates the air.

As air passes through an unfiltered HVAC system, it will distribute airborne particulate contamination from one room to another. A quality media air cleaner will stop this process. In fact, an Ultravation Media Air Cleaner with MERV 13 filter media will collect 90% of particulates 3 to 10 microns in size, which includes the majority of dust and virtually all pollen.

We realize that even a good quality air filter won’t eliminate all the causes of indoor asthma triggers, but by continually reducing airborne irritants, concentrations are kept at a lower level and symptoms should be reduced as a result. Some additional ways you can reduce asthma and allergy triggers are making sure carpets are vacuumed regularly, that bedding is washed weekly, and of course, don’t allow smoking in the house! You’ll find that quality air filtration coupled with a good cleaning regime can really help ease asthma triggers.


Learn more about asthma at the Asthma and Allergies Foundation of America website.

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