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Allergies and You: Pet Allergies – Controlling dog and cat dander in your home

Are you a person who longs for a pet dog or cat but are stuck with an iguana because you’re allergic to pet dander? Installing an Ultravation ProgressiveMedia™ air filter can definitely help! But first let’s learn about what makes people allergic to this common allergen:

People with pet allergies have an immune system that is hypersensitive to the proteins in dog and cat dander. People often mistake pet hair as the culprit for their runny noses, but the pet hair is really just a transportation device spreading the dander around. It’s the dander, or skin cells and oils pets shed, that makes people sneeze, itch and wheeze. Pet hair also collects dust and pollen, which can aggravate other allergies, so it’s a lose-lose situation for those with multiple allergies, but that’s another article for another day.

Here’s where air filtration can help. By installing a high quality air filter into your HVAC system you can dramatically reduce the amount of pet dander circulating through your home. The majority of pet dander is in the 2.5 micron area but can be as big as 100 microns. ProgressiveMedia MERV 11 professional air filters will capture nearly all airborne dander this size as it captures 80% of particles as small as 3 microns. But as every pet is different, so is their dander. For effective capture of the smallest pet dander, a MERV 13 filter would be a better choice as it will capture 75% of particles in the air that are almost 10 times smaller than even the finest pet dander (MERV 13 is 75% efficiency at .3 microns.).

ProgressiveMedia™ air filters capture and collect the pet hair and dander, keeping your air – not to mention your HVAC system – cleaner. Consult your HVAC Contractor for the best MERV filter for your system and allergy concerns.

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