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Introducing: The Germies & Friends!

To bring a little fun into an otherwise dry and dusty environment, Ultravation is proud to present The Germies & Friends! These cute little creatures will star in their very own comic strip and short films that are sure to both entertain and educate the young and old alike.

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Ultravation receives Vermont Employment / Accommodation Award in Manufacturing

Wayne Snow, Production Manager, Honored

The Employment / Accommodation Award in Manufacturing is presented to an employer operating a manufacturing facility whose employment practices reflect the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This award is presented to Wayne Snow, of Ultravation, Inc.

Ultravation accepts award

Wayne Snow, Ultravation, Inc. with Dr. Susan Wehry, Commissioner of the Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living

Ultravation has had a long standing relationship with the Rutland offices of Vocational Rehabilitation and VABIR and is an excellent community partner with the Creative Worforce Solution initiatives. In the past year Ultravation has employed and accommodated several new hires and has also sponsored progressive employment activities such as informational interviews, job shadows, assessments and plant tours. In his capacity as production manager, Wayne has worked very closely with clients referred by these organizations and through the local school-to-work program, striving to help them gain an accurate understanding of the work world. He has provided skill-building information including appropriate workplace behaviors to students with a wide variety of disabilities including autism, learning differences, and mobility and cognitive impairments. He also promotes the employment of people with disabilities by sharing his experiences with other businesses, doing this in a way that his nominators – Gloria Vitale, David Sagi, and Karen Letourneau of VABIR and VocRehab in Rutland – describe as “always acting in a manner that demonstrates respect and dignity to all their clients. He is dedicated and offers his time and commitment to provide great opportunities for our clients for success.”

Article courtesy of Vermont Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities.

ProgressiveMedia™ MERV 13 Air Filters – A Low Cost Upgrade with a High Return for Your Indoor Air Quality

Ultravation® ProgressiveMedia™ air filtration’s pleated design has nine times more surface area than a traditional flat air filter. Combine that with Ultravation® UltraStrand™ hypoallergenic fibers that are uniquely shaped and electrostatically charged to attract particles, these filters are built to collect nearly anything that comes their way.

In addition to our highly efficient MERV 11 series, we are now offering MERV 13 filtration. MERV 13 has a better particle capture rating and, like our other ProgressiveMedia filters, are very cost effective for the high level of performance they deliver.

Why should you upgrade to MERV 13? When you compare, you’ll find that Ultravation’s ProgressiveMedia MERV 13 rated filters remove contamination that approach HEPA ratings—at a much lower cost than a HEPA installation.

How MERV 13 air filters outperform MERV 11:

  • MERV 13 filters capture 90% of contamination as small as 1 micron, such as particulates in auto emissions, while MERV 11 collects 65% (which happens to be the lowest particle size for which MERV 11 filters are rated).
  • MERV 13 filters go further and capture 75% of particles as small as .3 microns (such as tobacco smoke).
  • And…Ultravation® MERV 13 filters have NO MORE air flow resistance than MERV 11 rated filters.


Even with the better particle capture, Ultravation MERV 13 filters still have the same life expectancy as the MERV 11 (up to one year in typical conditions). And they fit the same Ultravation Media Air Cleaner cabinets as the MERV 11.

So the next time you buy air filters, replace your Ultravation MERV 11 with MERV 13 filters for an easy and economical way to get even cleaner air! Here’s how…

Ewww…What’s that smell?

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to smell first thing in the morning is what I had for dinner last night. Sure, that garlic and Parmesan encrusted fish on a bed of spinach and onions was delicious, but it doesn’t really mix well with a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin. And trying to get rid of those leftover odors can be difficult. There are all kinds of home remedies involving lemons, candles and burnt toast, but none of them really work well and all you end up with is one smell covering another instead of fresher smelling air. Of course, there are sprays you can use to attempt to mask the unwanted odors, but buying bottle after bottle can get expensive and who really wants their kitchen smelling like a Tahitian breeze or fresh laundry, anyway? Read the rest of this entry »

5 Ways Indoor Air Quality Can Save You Energy and Money

1. By implementing indoor air quality products to help eliminate airborne contaminates, you could save thousands on doctor bills. Indoor air can be contaminated with all kinds of allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and germs that can make you sick. This air then gets recycled though an HVAC system, spreading the infected air throughout a home. Using IAQ products helps lower the chances of illness and even asthma attacks because they clean air as it flows through a device, helping remove the harmful materials and making the air safer to breathe.

2. UV-C light allows your HVAC system to run at top efficiency by keeping the cooling coils free of mold and other bio-growth. The disinfecting power of UV-C light breaks down the DNA of microbes that, when allowed to accumulate, can bog down your HVAC system and make it work harder to process the air in your home. You will use less energy by running a clean HVAC system.

3. UV-C light helps prevent costly repairs and chemical cleanings that cooling coils would otherwise have to regularly undergo, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.

4. Air filters collect dust, and other particle contaminates before they can reach the cooling coils, dramatically reducing the amount of energy needed to run the heating and cooling process in your HVAC system.

5. The amount of energy consumed by the indoor air quality products in a home will likely be significantly less than the amount of energy used in an HVAC system without them. Therefore, IAQ products can easily pay for themselves with the energy savings you would accrue, making IAQ a smart investment.

Allergies and You: How to Help Alleviate Your Seasonal Sneezes

If you’re anything like us up here in the Green Mountains of Vermont, during the winter months we dream of warm sunny days, barbecuing, and relaxing by the pool. But many of us know that spring, summer and fall are also the allergy seasons. All of the plants that were “hibernating” under the winter’s snow have woken up and are growing, which means pollen has returned. Pollen released into the air by various types of plants is vital to their reproductive process, but unfortunately this simple act of survival can cause allergic reactions or even asthma attacks in children and adults.

Contrary to popular belief, flowers are not the biggest pollen culprits – trees, grasses and weeds are really more to blame. Because many of these plants don’t produce flowers, they have to manufacture small, lightweight, dry pollen particles which are ideally designed for air transportation. A single ragweed plant can produce up to a million grains of this type of pollen each day! With a strong wind, those microscopic particles can travel up to 400 miles. If you’re trying to control the pollen you encounter, removing nearby plants will only slightly decrease your exposure because of pollens phenomenal ability to cover great distances. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Mold Secretly Growing in YOUR Home?

Don't let this happen to your home.

We all agree that having central air conditioning and heating can be a blessing, but it can also carry a bit of a curse. The fact is, your HVAC system could be breeding mold in YOUR home right now! As air circulates through a home, airborne mold, bacteria and viruses are drawn into the HVAC system and accumulate on the cooling coils and in the drain pan. These areas are ideal environments for mold to grow due to the moisture that condenses on surfaces as the air is dehumidified. As air flows through the HVAC system, it not only “drops off” additional spores, it “picks up” millions of mold spores from the infected coil and drain pan and distributes them to every room in the house. Aside from the fact that mold growing anywhere in your home needs to be addressed, having it centrally distributed by your HVAC system raises major concerns about the health of everyone in the household. Read the rest of this entry »

Ultravation Awarded Patent for Innovation in HVAC Coil Cleaning System

UV Matrix SI Series

Ultravation has been awarded a patent for their UVMatrix SI-Series commercial germicidal UV light system for large air handlers. This innovative UV coil cleaning system streamlines installation and optimizes fit and effectiveness for both new and retro installs with its expandable design. After sizing to determine how many lamps are required for a particular air handler, the SI-Series unit is shipped, ready to install without the need to fabricate any additional framework or supply additional mounting hardware. The UVMatrix SI-Series is available in stainless or galvanized steel, and all electrical connections and components are water tight to ensure that system will withstand the wet environment of an HVAC system.

The SI-Series uses UVC light to disinfect and eliminate mold from the HVAC coils, which improves the quality of the indoor air, and keeps the HVAC coil consistently clean, which saves significant energy.  In fact, when considering the energy and maintenance cost reductions, the return on investment is very short.

Adding a UVMatrix SI-Series system to an existing HVAC system, it does two jobs for the price of one: maintain consistently clean, energy efficient cooling coils that reduce operation costs and disinfecting the air already circulating through the building for a healthier more productive indoor environment.

HARDI/HALO Benefit Walk supports Homes For Our Troops projects in 2012

Ultravation Product Manager, Bill Fowler and his wife, Heather, along with 133 other walkers participated in the annual HARDI/HALO Benefit Walk which took place during the 2011 HARDI Fall Conference to benefit the Homes For Our Troops (homesforourtroops.org). Homes For Our Troops is an organization that builds specially adapted homes for our most severely injured veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.

HARDI/HALO – along with the support of the walkers – has made an initial commitment to support most of HFOT projects for 2012. Support includes items such as furnace/ac equipment, ductwork, copper piping, elbows, ventilation work, special filtration, zoning, controls, and other HVAC materials. Read the rest of this entry »

Ultravation Walks to Support Homes for Our Troops at HARDI Annual Conference

Ultravation Product Manager, Bill Fowler and Heather Fowler will be participating in the 2011 HARDI Benefit Walk to support Homes for Our Troops, an organization that builds specially adapted homes for our most severely injured veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. The walk will take place during the 2011 HARDI Fall Conference (Grand Wailea Resort, Maui, HI). Read the rest of this entry »