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Learning about Ultravation Indoor Air Quality
We are specialists in indoor air quality improvement technology. We hope that our literature with help you with your decision to purchase an indoor air quality solution. Our products are designed to provide great solutions for improving air quality. To make the most of them, we encourage calling on your local HVAC professional for advice on the best solutions for you. The best way to achieve this is to arrange an on-site review of your IAQ needs and existing equipment. This will help you decide on the best way to get the results you desire now and for the future. Click the link below to find your local Ultravation reseller.

All Ultravation®
products are
Made in USA.

Residential Indoor Air Quality Products

Advantage PowerPCO™ Ion Generator
for whole house air purification for HVAC systems!

Orion™ Ion Generator
for odor reduction and fine particulate reduction!

UVC-Advantage™ HVAC Air and Surface Sanitizer
a compact one-piece UV Light for a new level of convenience and versatility in HVAC disinfection!

UVCatalyst™ Advanced Whole House Air Purification
with a TiO2 infused carbon PCO process and UV disinfection for air and HVAC surfaces

Synergy™ Multi-technology Air Purifier for HVAC

Photronic™ Multistage™ Whole House Air Purification

UltraMAX™ Whole House Ultraviolet (UV) Air and Surface Treatment

UVPhotoMAX™ Advanced Germicidal UV and Odor Treatment

ProgressiveMedia™ Whole House Filtration

UVP-6000 Air Purifier for any room

M-Series™ UV for Mini-Split Ductless AC
- for Residential and Commercial Applications

UF-Series™ - Universal Filter Cabinets

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Products

Visit UltravationCommercial.com for more information on Ultravation's full line of commercial indoor air quality products.

UVMatrix™ SI-Series — UV Treatment for HVAC Coils

UVMatrix™ AS-Series — Germicidal Airstream Treatment

UVMatrix™ 4X-Series — UV Lights for Rooftop Systems

Photronic™ Systems — Germicidal / Filtration / Odor Reduction

UVMatrix™ EZ-Series — Single UVC Lamp / Special Applications

M-Series™ UV for Mini-Split Ductless AC
- for Residential and Commercial Applications

Residential UV Water Treatment

Commercial UV Water Treatment