ProgressiveMedia™ Whole House Air Cleaners

Better particle capture, better efficiency and long filter life!

Ultravation® ProgressiveMedia™ air cleaners are designed be the most efficient, effective, and easy to use filters available — totally practical whole house air cleaning. ProgressiveMedia™ easily captures 99% of particles 5 microns or larger (such as pollen) and much more with its pleated, layered design that has nine times more surface area than a traditional flat air filter. And the filters are built with technologically advanced Ultravation® UltraStrand™ hypoallergenic fibers that are uniquely shaped and electrostatically charged to attract particles for the highest value in whole house air filtration today. Remember, a clean HVAC system is more energy efficient which is better for the outdoor environment and for your pocketbook! ProgressiveMedia™ filters are carefree! They require no maintenance, and provide consistent indoor air quality improvement over their entire extended life!

Why ProgressiveMedia™ MERV filters make sense