UVC-Advantage™ a compact one-piece UV Light for a new level of convenience and versatility in HVAC disinfection!

ONLY FROM ULTRAVATION! UVC-Advantage is an amazingly versatile way to create an IAQ system in HVAC equipment. Starting with UV light for component disinfection, the UVC-Advantage Powered UV lamp module is a remarkable feat in compact design! It is sized so small that the lamp and power supply are integrated to form one unit. Installation could hardly be easier, but this is just the beginning. . .

Intelligent design for unmatched versatility

Beyond the simplicity of a one-piece UV light, at 3-1/2" x 4-1/8" x 1-5/8", it will fit just about anywhere. UVC-Advantage’s size allows mounting outside or inside the air conditioner using the inner or outer mounting tabs. Or, you can use the magnet mount. Or, if needed use the included mounting plate for secure installation on duct board. You get the idea. See installation flexibility photos at left.

12" or 17" UV lamps

UVC-Advantage uses the same popular lamp lengths found in all Ultravation UV products.

Ultravation T3™ available! Get 40% more UV and double the UV lamp life

T3 Technology is a proven smart UV lamp system that thermally protects the lamp by encasing it in a UV transparent quartz glass sleeve. This allows the lamp to operate at an optimized temperature which results in maximized output of germicidal light—typically 40% more without any kind of power boosters that would use more electricity.

Flexible replacement schedule

With the UVC-Advantage—the only one-piece integrated UV light system—you can choose the 1-year Advantage with standard UV lamp for 9,000 hour life span before replacement is required. Or choose the 2-year Advantage with T3 lamp for 2X longer life span—18,000 hours and 40% more UV.

uvc-advantage one or two year option

More than versatile, UVC-Advantage is expandable for whole house PCO air purification!

It is easy to add an ozone-free Activated Carbon-capture Photocatalytic (PCO) Air Purifier module that will break down odors and oxidize airborne organics including the pathogens and allergens that circulate through the HVAC system. The activated carbon module captures VOCs, toxins and organics. The photocatalytic process powered by UV light uses titanium dioxide to transform the captured toxic compounds and pathogens and allergens into harmless compounds.

uvc-advantage with pcocatalyst carbon cell process

Adding PCO purification does not affect or reduce the disinfection power for HVAC components

Ultravation® UVC-Advantage™:

  • Prevents the bio-film that insulates cooling coils and degrades cooling.
  • Keeps HVAC components clean and therefore optimizes operating efficiency 24/7
  • With your HVAC system always running like-new efficiency, you will minimize your electricity costs.
  • Keeps drain pans and drain lines clear of mold, fungus and bacteria.
  • Stops HVAC dirty-sock smell.
  • Allergy relief! Reduces or eliminates allergens generated inside the air conditioner.

Did you know?

HVAC system biogrowth—even a film measuring a few thousandths of an inch—can cut HVAC efficiency by 40% to 50%. It can also become the source of high concentrations of allergens as the bio-growth emits spores. As the HVAC system distributes cooled air throughout your home is also distributes odors, airborne bacteria and viruses along with it.